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Call for International Referees

NRFU Supervisory Board seeks help of the international scientific community in reviewing the projects submitted to the National Research Foundation of Ukraine. It has been typical for the Ukrainian practice of evaluating research proposals that only internal (Ukrainian) reviewers were involved. NRFU intends to use the best practices of involving international experts in the evaluation procedures. As a consequence, NRFU needs to build up a reviewer database from scratch. Another field where an assistance of international experts can be crucially important for Ukraine is the evaluation of scientific activities at research institutions and universities.

At the moment, NRFU is still undergoing an establishment phase, and is expected to become operational in the second half of 2019. After the start of NRFU operation, there will be very little time left in 2019 to organize the call for projects and process the applications. Thus, the Supervisory Board would like to start the process of collecting the database of potential Referees in advance. It should be said that although we understand that efforts and time of experts should be compensated, it is extremely unlikely that relevant costs will be available in 2019.

We invite all international scientists willing to volunteer as potential Referees for NRFU to register by filling the online form below. The collected data will be integrated into the NRFU database once the corresponding services are up and running. Filling the form does not constitute any binding obligation. Those who register may be later contacted by the NRFU officers if any additional information or clarification is needed. The actual assignment of Referees to research proposals will be performed by the review panel of the specific call for proposals, at which point the actual consent of the Referee will be requested.

Legal Notice: 1) By submitting the form below, you consent to having this website store the submitted information so that officers of the National Research Foundation of Ukraine can contact you and seek your advice about research projects in your field of expertise. 2) By checking "yes" as an answer in the "Further roles" section, you further consent to be contacted by the third parties who may seek your expert advice related to Ukrainian science (such as evaluation commissions or advisory boards for Ukrainian scientific institutions, etc.).

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